Stanford CCRMA Summer Workshops: Music Information Retrieval

October 2016 ยท 1 minute read

A short dive into signal processing and machine learning for music

I spent a week at Stanford studying the landscape of Music Information Retrieval. I think I was the only person in the room without a MS or a PhD on the way, so I stayed after class was done every day the workshop leaders would allow to learn more and go further!

I found that my lifetime of both thinking sensitively as a musician and also thinking computationally as a hacker had a meaningful synergy in this space and it was super exciting for me.

The week was capped off by a presentation from Douglas Eck, who brought a great presentation about how to think of machine learning in the arts and some cutting edge research going on in the Magenta project at Google.

Throughout the week on the train to and from class, I built a script that uses a deep learning-powered chromagram to convert an audio file into a MIDI file. More detail here on my Github.

Can’t wait to learn more!