XNLVG: Excellent Living Recs

December 2017 ยท 1 minute read

A record label

From the release I wrote to family and friends:

I've long been interested in supporting musicians through the lifecycle of an album release in the form of a record label. Here we go! 

There are two lanes of music I want to support with this label:

1) Music that acts with respect to a genre, with knowledge of a genre or a tradition and then pushes it forward in some way 

2) Music that reflects the pure and maximal emotions of youth, or as a friend recently succinctly summed: love / longing that is like a "riot of the heart"

This very short two bullet point manifesto is amorphous and probably subject-to-change, but the point is to put a flag in the ground about what I want to support with this particular project, excellent living Records. 

Also called eeeii and XNLVG i’m starting it off with a t-shirt and a release from Truly Happy: https://trulyhappy.bandcamp.com/merch/cassette-excellent-living-t-shirt-package

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